The Converse Rain Boot

pope in nyc

Soon, sprinkles will be falling, and then fat drops, and then it will be five days of hard storming and radio stations will be playing that song about it never raining in Southern California, just to be cheeky.

That's January and February 'round these parts, and sometimes December, too. That's why we're intent on booting up early this year. No more walking the dog in not-ready-for-puddles flip-floppery. Because flip-flops? Mostly open to the elements.

Urban Outfitters is selling the Converse All-Star take on rain boots. They are $80, and they sure are cute, boy. And they look tough enough to stand up to a January in LA, on a day that's dropping buckets and our pup is taking his own sweet, la-da-da-da, "what's this stick I have to stand and smell?" time.

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