Thigh Highs with Sparkling Bow

Adam Kuperstein Week 3
Sock Dreams

VALENTINE'S LEGS: We, like every other person over the age of 11, could be described as having a complex relationship with bows. On the one hand, we love them. On the other hand, sometimes there are judgers (we think, deep inside, they're secret bow lovers themselves). But, come Valentine's Day, we can indulge in all of our bow-based fripperies. Bows on heads, bows on wrist, bows on thigh. Sock Dreams has a whole Valentine's section going, complete with these Lurex & Sheer Stripe Thigh Highs with Sparkling Bow. SPARKLE SPARKLE: They're ten bucks, leaving extra funds to get an over-the-top pair of shoes. With bows, we hope.

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