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STAINLESS STEEL VIDEO WATCH: We weren't sure that consuming entertainment could get any easier -- there are practically TVs built into our oven doors now -- maybe there really are -- but this strap-on-the-wrist device proves that *everything* gets easier/quicker/smaller/techier over time. An earjack is part of the plan, of course. $99.99 at ThinkGeek

ROYAL (AND RANDY) COSTUMES: We might have guessed that Trashy Lingerie had a Marie Antoinette-inspired outfit or two. After all, the ruffles, the fans, the giant wig. They all lend to adult-themed dress-up. But who knew that there was such a wide array of Antoinette-iana? We're positively flummoxed. So flummoxed we don't even have a "let them eat cake" joke to end this with.

TOUR DE FRANCE BREAD: It isn't named after the bicycle spectacular. But, seeing how the bicycle spectacular is about to cross the finish line, we wanted to highlight this loaf at BREADBAR. It's actually named for the bakers who travel while learning their craft. Also, fruits, nuts, and other delectables are involved. Sounds like some particularly oozy Brie might be in order.

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