Vintage-Like Stripe-y Maillot

BATHING BEAUTY SUIT: All this sweltery steamy weather -- it's 110 in the Valley! 132 near this one palm tree in the Mojave! -- has us wanting a maillot. Yes, we said maillot, and designer Tani Marie at LA Drama Queen has delivered. Pretty and vintage-y and a one piece, which keeps things semi-modest if necessary. Nice. $110

SWEET BLOSSOM SODA: It's a soft drink and it is redolent of rose. This will make perfect sipping while we lounge by the pool in our stripe-y LA Drama Queen maillot. We've tried this one on a few occasions, and it always surprises with its all-out flower pungency, and that that pungency is so pleasing. Find it at Galco's in Highland Park/Eagle Rock, or order online. $2.15 each

"It's Not Me, It's You": We're hoping if you are with baby, or with child, or were a child, or just like funny writing, you've come across bloggy-type spot Baby on Bored. The writer is Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, she's an Angeleno, and she cracks wise with finesse. Her just-out-ish-kind-of-ish book, "It's Not Me, It's You," smells like hilarity to us.

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