Want to Be in a Horror Film? It'll Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Getting your band's song featured in a campy horror film: $1,000. Dying a gory death on camera (complete with blood and dismemberment): $2,000. Finally, finally getting your 15 minutes of fame: Priceless.

At least, that's what the producers of "Dr. Bonesaw" are banking on.

"Dr. Bonesaw" -- the story of a sexy serial killer who unleashes a reign of terror on an equally sexy hospital staff -- is billing itself as "the first horror feature funded by the victims." The producers are seeking funding not from executives at Warner or Universal, but from people like you. On the Internet.

You pledge them money, and in return they give you a role in the production.

Using "crowdfunding" website KickStarter, the producers at Lead Balloon Studio are inviting horror film fans to become investors, and are incentivising them with a long menu of gory-good options.

For $2,000, you can have a close-up in this flick, and you're promised to die on screen. For $4,000, you can be upgraded to "iconic victim," for which you will meet "truly elaborate and creatively stick ends" (we'd choose beheading, we think). And for just $7,000, you can buy the role of "sole survivor," which pretty much speaks for itself.

Smaller pledges are also accepted -- the $20 to $500 variety --  and will secure you a range of accolades from a T-Shirt or DVD to a rolling producer credit.

Dying to get into show business? This might be your chance.

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