Wanted: Creative Strawberry Buffs

You like to draw. You like fruit. You like winning.

So we'll just skip all the how-dee-doings and get straight to the whole possibility of you winning a cool art contest for a major festival and snagging a mondo cash prize.

The event is the California Strawberry Festival, which happens every May in the Oxnard area. You know it. You've downed at least three full pies there, yes? Good. With copious amounts of whipped cream, we hope.

The contest centers on the 2010 festival. Can you be creative? About strawberries? Are you ready to possibly maybe win two grand? That's, spelled out, made plain, $2000? And be the guest of honor at a fancy luncheon in the spring?

There are rules and specs to follow. Poster size et cetera. Read everything here (just scroll down). We'd also look over all the older posters, just to get a feel.

Deadline is January 4th, 2010. If you have a break for the holidays, and an empty easel, you know what to do.

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