Drugs, Guns, Chilling Details Revealed After Docs Unsealed in OC Surgeon's Rape Case

"I think this will have a chilling effect," said Dan Gilleon, an attorney for one of the victims.

New details in the case of the Newport Beach doctor and his girlfriend accused of drugging and raping multiple women emerged after a judge unsealed search warrants Tuesday. The documents revealed what was taken from the home of the Newport Beach surgeon and provided details on how the couple lured alleged victims.

The search warrant said that one woman, Jane Doe no. 5, initially met Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley at a bar in June of 2017, where she flirted with the surgeon but left with another man.

Two days later, the alleged victim met the couple at another bar and ended up at Robicheaux's Newport Beach home. She told detectives that she snorted cocaine and agreed to have sex with both of them, but then, she blacked out.

The woman claims he pair worked as a team. She told detectives when she awoke, Robicheaux was naked, and Riley was with another woman.

Attorneys for other victims had hoped to keep the details sealed.

"I think this will have a chilling effect," said Dan Gilleon, an attorney for one of the victims.

The search warrant also shows that guns, drugs, a Go Pro camera and Amazon Echo were all taken from the surgeon's home.

Police said they were called to the couple's home when neighbors heard a cry for help. One victim told police that Robicheaux admitted to video recording sex with another woman but, when confronted, refused to play the recording.

Another victim called the couple sexual predators and dubbed them "the Bonnie and Clyde of drugging girls."

According to the unsealed warrant, police found marijuana, cocaine, bags of pills and a high capacity magazine, along with firearms and Mexican currency. 

Attorneys for the couples have not commented since the warrant was unsealed.

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