Was That Elvis Just Then?

If you're in the OC you may see the King (or someone who looks like him).

EYES OUT FOR AN ICON: The legend of Elvis sightings has been around for many years now. But not so common? A pdf that lists places where The King, or a person who might be The King, just may be sighted. To celebrate the upcoming Elvis Festival at the OC Marketplace -- the 13th annual Elvis Festival, we'll add -- The King, or, perhaps, someone in a white spangly jumpsuit and rockin' sunglasses, will make a number of surprise cameos around Orange County starting on Tuesday, July 17. If you happen to be in one of those spots, and you snap a photo, and you send that photo to a specific address, you can nab two admissions to the Elvis Fest, which happens on Sunday, Aug. 26. And if your photo is judged as one of the best? There are other prizes in store, all of which "Elvis" himself will bestow from the stage of the Aug. 26 party.

SO, WHERE DO YOU LOOK? Orange County, is, well, a county. Meaning that a gentleman in an iconic white jumpsuit could be practically any place. Thank goodness the OC Marketplace has a few clues in this handy pdf. Elvis just might be strolling Surf City Nights in Huntington Beach on July 17. He also might be at or near Farrell's in Brea on July 31. And word has it he'll be hitting yoga in Costa Mesa on Aug. 7. If you're a King buff -- and, let's be honest, everyone is -- you'll want to check out the locations. We're even going to wager that some fans will make for every spot, just to complete their Elvis sightings photo collection. But even if you don't see that famous pompadour, you can still make for the big party on Aug. 26. And here is where we say thank you. Thank you very much.

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