Wax Gets Poetic in Hollywood

When something's been around for the better part of two years, you know people are liking it. Two decades, it is a city staple. The better part of two centuries... Well, call it landmarkian, call it iconic, call it, if you're discussing wax likenesses, Madame Tussauds.

Perhaps you've been to London, to the oldest and arguably most famous of the Madame Tussauds wax museums (there are actually several around the world). The Chamber of Horrors. Figures from history. Posh and Becks. It's a gas, for those who like to get a fill of celebrity pop culture, of kitschy cool, of old-time-y fun that employs up-to-the-minute techniques in creating the most look-alike-iest figures.

Because that's what we want, right? We want Wax Figure Clint Eastwood to nearly *be* Real Person Clint Eastwood. The legendary glint in Mr. Eastwood's eye. The fold of his poncho. That Clintian, take-no-guff stance.

The Hollywood branch of Tussauds has its official debut on Saturday, August 1st. If you've been to a wax museum, you know there is a lot of heated/lively discussion with your party: favorite stars, which avatar looks most like the person it should, what character you'd like to see immortalized in wax (our top pick: Don Knotts circa "The Incredible Mr. Limpet"). In short, it's an experience best enjoyed with other movie-knowing, history-loving, info-philes, so round those know-it-alls up and make for Hollywood Boulevard at Orange.

We'll say it again, too: Madame Tussauds has picked the primo location. Three iconic ways to see stars all right in a little neat row: Madame Tussauds (wax); Chinese Theatre (the big screen); the Kodak Theatre (live, at the Oscars). Something very satisfying about that Tinseltown triumvirate.

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