We Love I Love LA

Iconic and surprising images of our city go on display.

Quick. Don't muse or ponder or roll this next question around in your mind. If you had to choose one image of the city you live in, that you could put on a spaceship and send into the cosmos, or perhaps mail to a relative who'd never visited where you live, what would it be?

For some towns that question is a snap, and the majority of the town's denizens will go to the same four or five landmarks or symbols. Then there is Los Angeles. Yes, we have the downtown skyline. Yes, we have Santa Monica Pier. Yes to the 156 big things we all know.

But is LA also something else? Of course. It's many something elses. The Duncan Miller Gallery will be considering a good chunk of those something elses in a new exhibit called, yes, I Love LA. Some 42 photographers have turned their cameras on our city in surprising ways, insuring that the 50 photographs on display run the gamut (while creating a few new gamuts of their own).

Over here we have a blur of headlights on a freeway. And look there; it is the back of the historic Orpheum roof sign. And a parking lot at night, which feels ghostly and slightly strange.

The show opens on Saturday, Aug. 13 and runs through Saturday, Sept. 17.

So, you still haven't answered. What local image would you send on that spaceship? We might snap a photo of purple jacaranda buds on a very green lawn. It represents a Los Angeles we love. One of many, that is.

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