We Want a Captain Kirk Chair in Our Den

We've always believed if you want to live in a medieval-style castle, you should go shopping for suits of armor and brocade curtains, even if you call a typical suburban street home. Likewise, if you wish you were spending your days on the bridge of the Enterprise, chitchatting with Spock and running Klingons off to the far corners of the galaxy, you should make your home more Enterprise-y.

Turns out several devotees of all that is Trek are doing just that. Of course, costumes and collecting have been de rigeur for years, but now super fans are building and installing command chairs -- the kind Captain James T. Kirk plunked down in -- in their very own living rooms. Highly sophisticated and brimming with design details, these chairs could rival the real (read: from the original television series) chair, that was auctioned off for big bucks a few years back.

So, as "Seinfeld" buffs, we were thinking: should we look into building Jerry's couch for own pad? Or maybe install a pretty swimming pool like the one from "Big Love"? Perhaps mimicking TV design is a new home decorating business that is soon to take off.

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