Weekend: Swallows Return to Capistrano

Thousands will head from Dodger Stadium to the ocean.


2011 HONDA LA MARATHON: As always, there are more stories surrounding the big day than simply "lots of people are running." Word is Flea is tying on his trainers. That just under 20,000 people had signed up a month in advance. And then there's the prediction of sloshy weather. There'll be many more stories to come, on Sunday, March 20. (If your story involves driving anywhere that day, best check the route first.)

SWALLOWS CELEBRATION: The parade through San Juan Capistrano is on Saturday, March 26, but the return of the fabled birds will be marked at the mission on Saturday, March 19. The ringing of the bells is a centerpiece of the storied St. Joseph's Day event. And cute kids dressed as swallows, too.

LA TIMES TRAVEL SHOW: Make that Travel & Adventure. That means there'll be a rock climbing wall, an on-site scuba pool, and loads of booths filled with knowledgeable people talking about fun and interesting places to go. Plus, hellos from Samantha Brown, Andrew McCarthy, and Huell Howser. Huell! Oh yeah. Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20

GRAUMAN GALA: Okay, the afternoon party at The Egyptian Theatre won't be quite a gala, per se; but given that it is in honor of a man who thought outsized thoughts when Hollywood was young, we'll go a bit outlandish in our description. American Cinematheque will even have cake in honor of Sid Grauman's 132nd birthday. Saturday, March 19

SKY SHOW: Saturday's all about the Supermoon -- the moon'll be closer to the earth than it has been in some 19 years, say moon followers -- and Sunday is the Spring Equinox. But. The rain. If the skies look clear-ish, you might consider joining the full moon gazing on Saturday, March 19 at Vista Hermosa Natural Park, or the equinox events at Griffith Observatory on Sunday, March 20.

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