Weekend: Bev Hills Bark Bash

Woofstock boasts sheep dog parade and an adoption fair.

WOOFSTOCK 90210: The name of this annual bash couldn't be clearer. The first part? There will be dogs and the people who loves those dogs won't be taking themselves too seriously, meaning that the day will be full of parades and other puply to-dos. And the second part? It's in Beverly Hills. The only thing missing from the event name is the date: Sunday, March 11.

WILLIE AT THE DRIVE-IN: A lot of us have been playing at faux summer. Sure, one night can be frosty, but the next day is beach weather. Maybe it is the fact that Daylight Saving Time is about to deliver more sunshine in the evenings, making us think it is summer, or maybe we simply like movies screened outdoors. Either way, a certain Mr. Wonka is playing at Devil's Night Drive-In on Saturday, March 10.

FESTIVAL OF THE KITE: It's a free and breezy annual beach party that only asks one thing: Everyone look up. Well, if you're trying to detangle string, best look down, but if you're not flying a colorful kite, you're welcome to stare at the sky and admire. Sunday, March 11

GRUNION AGAIN: Each and every year a certain small, silvery fish shimmies onto the shores of Southern California to lay eggs and deposit milt and do all the things needed to make more small, silvery fish. People turn out to marvel, in part because  the grunion -- that's the fish we're talking about -- only show up a few nights a year. Saturday, March 10 is the first; Cabrillo Marine Aquarium has the action.

SANTA ANITA'S WINNER CIRCLE BBQ CHAMPIONSHIP: If you're thinking, my, it might be nice to spend a fine Saturday on the in-field of a certain legendary racetrack in Arcadia, eating ribs and cheering on the ponies, you can be satisfied that your train of thought can lead somewhere. Barbecue teams'll be grilling for honors on Saturday, March 10. Track is admission is $5, and then you can participate in the BBQ vote for $10. More details on prices and whatnot? Yep.

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