Weekend: California’s Biggest Costume Party

About half the pop-loving world is now in San Diego. Half are in capes.

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: True, the convention is in San Diego, and true, you're likely reading this somewhere in or around Los Angeles, but few events can summon several thousand of our LA neighbors like this pop-culture mega-tacular. Everyone in the movie and TV and comic business is there -- yeah, we said everyone -- and many are in elaborate costumes. Respect. July 21-24

SUMMER SODA TASTING: Galco's, the glug-glugiest place in all of LA Land, will be reaching for the bottle opener and pouring loads of carbonated wonders in support of the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition. Colas will cameo, sure, but have you had the rarer flavors at this Highland Park-based pop wonderland? Sunday, July 24.

"IRIS" OPENING WEEKEND: It's true that Cirque du Soleil has erected its famous tents hither and yon here before (hither and yon=Santa Monica and Staples Center, generally). But "IRIS," which celebrates film, is the troupe's first resident show in these parts. It's in Hollywood, in fact, at the Kodak, so the theme fits. Will a clown dress as a clapboard? Expect Tinseltownesque tomfoolery.

BLOOMFEST: A whole happy mess o' bands and food booths and eco-minded orgs and street artists and such will be taking to the Downtown Arts District for a day of music-making and food-booth and eco-chatting and street-art-ing on Saturday, July 23. Dogs are welcome. Will the dogs know how cool they are, going to this? We think they probably do.

CINEFAMILY PAJAMA PARTY: This is true. Back in the day -- "the day" here means 1970s -- some forward-thinking company made slippers shaped like roller skates. We've seen pictures, and oh, and we're longing for them for this skate-themed film fun-off. If you're not feathering your hair, at least stick a fat comb in your back pocket. Try, is what we're saying. Saturday, July 23 at Silent Movie Theatre

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