Weekend: Celebrating the King’s Birthday

There's a "Blue Hawaii" party at The Egyptian.

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"BLUE HAWAII" BIRTHDAY: Hollywood is an excellent place to spend Elvis Presley's birthday, with all due respect to a certain grand house in Tennessee. Mr. Presley did make many a teen-dream movie in Tinseltown and American Cinematheque is remembering one of moviedom's and musicdom's biggest lights with a party and screening. Luau-ish fun starts at 4 p.m. on Jan. 8 in The Egyptian courtyard; "Blue Hawaii, which is turning 50 this year (and was really shot on location) is at 7:30 p.m. A shoulder shimmy, and we're out.

ANN MAGNUSON DOES DAVID BOWIE: January 8 also happens to be David Bowie, and the always sparkling Ms. Magnuson will be doing a glammy tribute on Jan. 8 and 9. Should there be some documentary on both The King and David Bowie being January 8ers? What's with that day? People everywhere who have that birthday: lucky. You're obviously already ahead in the creative game of life.

"HAIR": When a production puts the word "UNBRIDLED" all in caps, you have take its dedication to unbridledness seriously. This soon-to-turn 44-year-old show is keeping it loosey, goosey, happy, and very flower-behind-on-ear-y. It opened on Jan. 5 and is at Pantages through Jan. 23.

PERSHING SQUARE SHOWS: We're not going to use the word "do-over" here, except wait, we just did. It's just that all that rain at the end of the year but the very damp kibosh on some of the free Pershing Square ice rink concerts. But, alas, and hark, and lo, there are more to come. And again, they're free. Skating's not, take note. Details on dates and to-comes.

JEFF BRIDGES AT THE PALEY: We're not going to use the words "Jeff Bridges is everywhere these days" except it is a true statement, so we'll say it again: Jeff Bridges is everywhere these days. Including the Paley Center for Media on Saturday, Jan. 8, where he'll be talking about a new American Masters that details his career. Yes! Rooster Cogburn in the house.

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