Weekend: DJs and Dinosaurs

Top bakers go wrapper-y-wrapper in Hollywood.

FIRST FRIDAY: It's the second First Friday at the Natural History Museum, meaning the scientists and DJs are returning for a night of raising the roof, merry mischief, high-minded musings, and general museum-based conviviality. The big dinos'll be there, too, of course, but they never leave. Wait. Do they? When we're not looking? Friday, Feb. 3

CUPCAKE CHALLENGE: Is it in the frosting? The crumbs? The swirl of peanut butter? The extra dash of vanilla extract? What makes a winning treat? We'd answer that question, but can't talk mouth full. The annual small-cake throwdown from drink | eat | play returns to the Renaissance in Hollywood on Saturday, Feb. 4. Proving, once more, that cupcake's sweet reign continues unabated. Donuts, little pies, and muffins? Your move.

CHINESE NEW YEAR FESTIVAL: The Golden Dragon Parade is over for another year, but the parties continue. Next up? The Huntington's celebration, which'll feature martial arts, masks, and crafts. Plus, that exquisite, world-famous Chinese Garden. Activities are set to happen all over the grounds, but head for the Chinese Garden for music and a scavenger hunt. Saturday, Feb. 4 and Sunday, Feb. 5.

SUPER BOWL RUN: It's funny that Super Bowl Sunday, for all but the players on the field and some people on the sidelines, is very much about the food. If you'd like to focus on the athletic side of things, without actually suiting up in a helmet and pads, you can hoof it through Redondo on Sunday, Feb. 5; it's the 34th annual 10k/5k. If you do want to wear a helmet and pads, you can; there's a costume contest.

VINTAGE FASHION EXPO: It's one of the year's biggest sartorial to-dos, and, nope, it isn't just about poodle skirts and '40s-era gowns. Over a century will be represented on the racks -- think 1850ish to 1980ish -- meaning you can finally find those spats you've been wanting to rock. Wait, are spats back? If we type the word "spats" over and over, can we make it so? Santa Monica Civic, Saturday, Feb. 4 and Sunday, Feb. 5

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