Weekend: Ducks!

Local scribes get sweet for Share Our Strength.


FOOD BLOGGER BAKE SALE: If we don't include the words "Bacon Brownies with Bourbon Sauce" in this sentence then we won't be able to type further. Done. Those brownies, and many other an interesting creation, will be for sale at BLD on Saturday, May 14 (time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Local people who write about deliciousness will be creating delicious things, and selling them, to stir up funds for Share Our Strength. It's part of the Great American Bake Sale. Again. Bacon Brownies with Bourbon Sauce.

DUCK-A-THON: If some four thousand rubber ducks are getting tossed off Huntington Beach Pier, you can bet there's a longstanding tradition and a lot of giving-back-ness at its heart. And Duck-A-Thon has both; it has been around for 18 years, and money from the duck-purchasing goes towards a local community clinic. It's on from May 13-15, but the duckie drop is on Saturday, May 14.

PATCHWORK INDIE FEST: One sees a lot of craft festivals start sprouting around October, so we're happy about the May date for this one. We're also happy to look for more offbeat goods that have been made by people who live 'round these parts. Local love? Love. It's on at Marine Stadium in Long Beach on Sunday, May 15.

"GREASE 2": The peppy Pfeiffer-Caulfield songfest is playing at Devil's Night Drive In, the downtown parking lot cineparty. This event will answer two questions. One, do you know a lot of the tunes in this 1983 sequel? (You do.) And two, are you glad to have the summery cinema nights back? (You are.) Saturday, May 14

BUG FAIR: It's year 25 for this Natural History Museum festival. Cooking with insects is once again on the schedule, meaning that family members can once again stand around daring each other to try a bite. Someone always does, and usually boasts about it for years. Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15.

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