Weekend: Hearses on Parade

Owners of a certain atmospheric auto will gather in Costa Mesa.

HEARSES AND MORE: The hearse is an elegant vehicle with a noble purpose, of course, but the dignified cars have also become much associated with a certain outlandish October holiday (it isn't a stretch to figure out why the stretch-autos fill this roll). Members of SoCal's own Phantom Coaches Hearse Club'll roll at the OC Marketplace on Sunday, Oct. 28 to pay homage to Halloween; there's a Day of the Dead celebration, too, and other frightful goodies.

HAUTE DOG HOWL'OWEEN PARADE: This Belmont Shore-based woof-around is, paws down, one of the largest canines-in-costumes event in the nation; over 400 dogs and many more people than that regularly make for the Long Beach procession. You can still enter your own pooch, but make sure they're wearing at least a tutu; humans go all out for this thing. Remember the Carmen Miranda-esque Pug, complete with the fruit-bedecked carriage, who won top honors a few years back? Sunday, Oct. 28

LA Day of the Dead: This week and next will see many Day of the Dead festivals around Southern California, but this longtime festivity has a few things of note: It's at Hollywood Forever, LA's own house band Ozomatli will play, and it is the lucky 13th year. Date? Saturday, Oct. 27. Another SoCal staple, Casa de Calaveras, will go on display at Olvera Street on Saturday, Oct. 27 and Sunday, Oct. 28. Three words: life-sized skeletons. Make that five words: life-sized skeletons in love.

"TRON" TURNS 30: Maybe it was initially seen as a curiosity or a novelty in 1982, but this glow-cool, grid-laden CGI wonder has entered the pantheon of cool eighties flicks that set the synth-sound, computer-forward standard. It's celebrating three decades on Saturday, Oct. 27, it is doing so at the Chinese Theatre, filmmakers and some stars are set to show, and you're invited to dress "Tron"-y. Please don't make us explain what that means. You know, right? Snug jumpsuits? And so forth?

LONG BEACH ZOMBIE WALK: It's true that this shamble has become one of the biggies of the zombie walk world -- look no further than the fact that there's a "Zombie Passport" -- but it keeps its creepy cred. And let's give it further props for sticking close to the scariest holiday; lots of zombie walks are popping up all over the calendar now, but this one keeps it pretty dang Halloween-y. Go big on your smeary face make-up. Practice those moans, too. Saturday, Oct. 27

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