Weekend: Hollywood’s Hollywood Moment

How's that thank you speech coming along?

THE 84TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS: A slew of above-the-title actors, gaggles of "George! George"-shouting bleacher fans, and the world's entertainment media, all in one short block: Yep, it's Oscar time. If you can't find your invite, you can still catch the nominated documentaries at DocuDay LA on Saturday, Feb. 25 or some or all of the Best Picture nominees at the AMC Best Picture Showcase, also on Saturday, Feb. 25 (and at select AMC venues). The Oscars are on Sunday, Feb. 26. George! Over here! George!

BONSAI-A-THON: The Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens is pretty famous for its exquisite bonsai collection. Once a year, in late winter, fans of the twisty, tended-to trees gather to talk all things bonsai. It is an extra special treat this year, since the Japanese Garden is still closed for renovations and the bonsais are adjacent to it. Saturday, Feb. 25 and Sunday, Feb. 26 

BEER GARDEN: Not into the whole Oscar thing? Or maybe you are but you don't like arriving early at your friend's house to watch the pre-pre-pre-show? Make for the Belasco Theater where a whole bunch of thick, foamy, craft-type beers'll be set up. It's ColLAboration time, and if you know these on-the-move beer lovers you know they're bound to pop up anywhere with the good stuff in tow. Sunday, Feb. 26

FREE STAR PARTY: When you're throwing a free, telescopes-pointed-up astronomy to-do, and it is Oscar Eve, it might be tempting to say "see the stars for free!" or such. Okay, we were tempted, but the once-a-month Griffith Observatory confab doesn't need gilding. It is a great way to see stars in Hollywood, and you don't even need to get through the Hollywood and Highland traffic jam. Saturday, Feb. 25

GREYHOUND GATHERING: Even dog people who say they adore all breeds -- and, really, if you're a dog person you pretty much do -- have a soft spot for the oh-so-sleek Greyhound. (Is it us or do they always wear a smile? Don't tell us it is the iconic shape of their sweet, pointed snouts.) Now fans of the tall pooch will be getting together in Solvang from Feb. 24-26. It is, in fact, billed as the West Coast Greyhound Gathering, so bet a few people and their pups have traveled.

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