Weekend: Garlic, Crafts, Drew Barrymore

The food trucks roll for the Rose Bowl.

Renegade Craft Fair, Facebook

LA STREET FOOD FEST: The grill-laden trucks are making the headlines, but traditional carts will make show, too, at this huge gathering of quick-and-tasty bites. It's at the Rose Bowl, it's on Saturday, July 24, and it is now sold out, which we can't be too sad about. Limited tickets, limited lines, it's all good.

RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR: Over 200 artists will be behind tables or objects similar to tables and on those tables there will be unusual jewelry and scarfery and home decor and other goodly craftly things for sale. This is all happening at Los Angeles State Historic Park on July 24-25. 

SUMMER FEST IN VENICE BEACH: If you're guessing that something that has the name "Summer Fest in Venice Beach" would have a bunch of bands and booths and ample opportunity to hang in the sunshine, you would be entirely correct.  July 24-25, 1800 Ocean Walk Front

"PULP FICTION" TWICE: Yep, it is playing at two places on the same night, Saturday, July 24. The screenings are pretty close together, too. Outdoor Cinema Food Fest has the food trucks; Devil's Night Drive-in has the cool parking garage scene. Choices.

"LIFE IN A DAY": Directors Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald are asking people everywhere to film some part of their July 24; read more about this global and bold film experiment. Mr. Scott is producing, Mr. McDonald directing.

MORE GOOD THINGS: It's Family Sleepover Night at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Friday, July 23; Drew Barrymore is headed for a Cinefamily pajama party on Saturday, July 24; and what's that pungent aroma from up north?

AND: Happy 50th Walk of Fame!

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