Weekend: Los Angeles County Fair Opens

The month-long Pomona spectacular starts Sept. 4.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR: It covers 1/12th of the year. And this year, the mammoth Pomona-based expo is on from Saturday, Sept. 4 through Sunday, Oct. 3. There are rides, there are races, there are concerts, there are fried PB&J sandwiches, there are giant blocks of ice carved to look like LA landmarks. And. And. And. And. And a hundred more ands. Because that is our fair. Our big, big fair.

ORANGE INTERNATIONAL STREET FAIR: Booth after booth, row after row, falafel after pizza, gelato after cupcake. There are full stretches focused on single cuisines at this foodie fest, which turns 38 in 2010. Friday, Sept. 3 through Sunday, Sept. 5

MORE FOOD FESTIVALS: The Taste of Beverly Hills is on from Sept. 2-5; the Los Angeles Times Celebration of Food and Wine happens on Sept. 5. Could you do both? You could do both. Will you be quite full? You will be quite full. Will you see demos and celebrated chefs? You will you will you will.

DECO AND TUNES AND FILM: All with a vintage -- read, 1920s and '30s -- feel. There are several lace-up-your-boots events around town over the Labor Day weekend, including a Queen Mary Deco fest and the Cinecon Classic Film Festival. Get the word on five of 'em. 

EYE POD: Whales! Whales, and lots of 'em, around Long Beach. The Aquarium's got boats and guides.

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