Weekend: Beer Crawl

A lot of creativity packed into 30 minutes or less

HOLLYSHORTS FILM FESTIVAL: Remember in "About a Boy," when Hugh Grant's character talks about how he approaches life in half-hour increments? Bet that character would love this Laemmle Sunset 5-based party, where all flicks are 30 minutes or under. How many can you watch? We'd go for a dozen. Through Thursday, Aug. 18.

PADDLING ON THE LA RIVER: The opening of the LA River to recreation has gotten a big response, which gladdens the heart and cheers those who would love to see our watery way become more of a destination. Fewer than 300 people will get the chance to take to the river during the whole program, which is only on weekends. It wraps Sept. 25.

LA CRAFT BEER CRAWL: Put downtown, a half dozen bars plus one, and about 90 interesting, chewy, foamy, glass-clingy brews into the mix. Now add a bunch of beerists out on foot on a Saturday afternoon. Now add fun, socializing, and beverage education. Now do it on Aug. 13. 213 and the beer chicks are behind the taps, so good hands, knowledgeable people, et cetera.

OVERNIGHT AT HOLLYWOOD FOREVER: Cinespia is running music-filled films flush with psychedelia and such, and they're doing it all night long. Well, through like 6 a.m., anyway, which qualifies as "all night long" in our book. We'd go just to see the sun peek above the cemetery's famous palms come morning. If this surprise June Gloom wraps. Everything starts at 9 p.m on Saturday, Aug. 13.

ART MARATHON: Artist Stephen Keene has been putting brush to canvas again and again and again and again all week long at the Santa Monica Museum of Art; Saturday, Aug. 13 is the last day he'll do so. Watch him turn out multiple paintings on one theme in support of the museum, and watch yourself possibly purchase one for $10 to $25.

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