Weekend: Regional Food, Dancing Zombies

Delish bites made in LA get the love downtown.

Artisanal LA

ARTISANAL LA: Pickles and jellies and marmalades and fancy brews aren't just made in barns and sweet, small-town farmhouses. LA has its own robust regional food scene, and if you've ever wanted to see all the tasty stuff lined up in one spot, instead of here and there, your moment is now. Well, your moment is actually Saturday, Oct. 23 and Sunday, Oct. 24 at the Cooper Building downtown.$15 door

THRILL THE WORLD DAY: Like you, we've done a lot of lovely things around Pomona. Watched some pig races at the fair. Done some excellent vintage shopping. But we have never, and we mean never, watched zombies get down to Michael Jackson's "Thriller." A lot of zombies in hot pursuit of some sort of world record. We could see that, however, on Saturday, Oct. 23.

WORLD FAMOUS PUMPKIN RACE: Have the good people of Manhattan Beach been putting various wheel-like implements on gourds and rolling them down the pier for two decades now? They have. Do onlookers kind of want to see a pulpy wipe-out, and who will take Best Crash? Of course. Are you going? If so, it is on Sunday, Oct. 24.

LOS ANGELES ARCHIVES BAZAAR: Fans of LA's past get to peek at various documents over one very full (read: 70+ collections full) day at the USC Doheny Memorial Library. What do you want to know? Or do you feel like just poring over material and finding unexpected gems? And aren't you the littlest bit tempted to learn more about that beautiful old building at the end of your block? Aren't there thousands of blocks that hold such a building? Lucky city. Saturday, Oct. 23

ALSO: National Fossil Day, some rocking running, and a hearse procession, too.

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