Weekend: Rolling with CicLAvia

Take to the closed-to-cars streets on your bike or skates.

CICLAVIA: Part of us wants to say "third time is the charm" about this event, but, honestly? The first two times rocked and were well attended. So one gets the sense that *every* time will be the charm with this close-the-streets-and-invite-people-to-cycle-or-skate-for-free event. Plus, it has got community and heart. Yeah. It's a keeper. Sunday, Oct. 9; MacArthur Park, downtown, Olvera Street (see map)

FERIA DE LOS MOLES: Mole is not an especially long word, but it packs a lot of pow. We have a theory that it is one of those culinary terms that will draw people to a menu, restaurant, or event. Cheers to that. And cheers to the Sunday, Oct. 9 festival happening at Olvera Street. It'll be rich, tasty goodness, for sure. Admission is free, food is additional.

INDIECADE: There are those who are content to play whatever is the most popular game of the moment (okay, we're among those, we freely admit). But others? They want to be out on the frontier, a joystick or guitar in hand, a console at their hip. Those people will be in Culver City on Saturday, Oct. 8 and Sunday, Oct. 9, at one of the biggest gatherings for indie game fans anywhere. Dang straight.

LOS ANGELES HAUNTED HAYRIDE: It's one thing to be crouch-walking through some abandoned big box store decorated with crepe paper -- you know the haunted house crouch-walk -- and it is another thing entirely to be at the Old Zoo, in Griffith Park, being pursued by clowns. Anything else we say at this point will be gilding the lily. Or shellacking the pumpkin? You get us. Opens Friday, Oct. 7

REVENGE OF THE LA OPERA COSTUME SHOP SALE: You're not really going to wait for October 30 to think about your Halloween get-up, are you? No, you are not. You're not really going to go for something uninspired, right? Right. You're really going to hunt far and wide, like at this dealie happening on Sunday, Oct. 9? Good. We totally thought so.

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