Weekend: See You at the Fair

The Pomona party turns 89. Yeah, we're getting emu-tional.

LA COUNTY FAIR: It's 89 this year, which means it has had a few years to get sorted what works. And whatever is working works; it is known as "the Largest County Fair in the Country." Within that largest fair? Pigs and fries and spinny rides and teddy bears and colorful quilts and retro concerts and prize-y pies and. And. And. And. Saturday, Sept. 3 through Sunday, Oct. 2 And, check out what Chicken Charlie is deep frying this year.

OKTOBERFEST OPENS: People are doing some serious doubletaking along about now. It's the arrival of September. Where'd summer go? And whoa. Oktoberfest is starting? Whoa indeed. That's a big yes, and the place? Old World Village in Huntington Beach. You'll watch the Dachshunds racing each other for glory and kisses, right? Starts Sunday, Sept. 4

ASCO AT LACMA: If you lived in Los Angeles in the 1970s and early '80s, and you adored your conceptual art and your public statements and your interesting, idea-filled performances, you adored the Chicano art collective Asco. You likely still do. Oh, and look: Los Angeles County Museum of Art is celebrating the group via a major retrospective. The exhibit opens on Sunday, Sept. 4.

FILM FAREWELL: Another sign of summer going hasta? Outdoor Cinema Food Fest is calling it a season. The final movie is "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and if you know the final scene -- please don't make us type "spoilers" here -- everyone knows it -- you know it is the perfect final movie. Foodie trucks and shake-it music are on the sked, too. Saturday, Sept 3 at the Northridge Little League Field

FOODLY FEASTS: And if you got your plate at the ready, and your favorite fork, too, note the three cuisine-focused to-dos around or near town. Orange Street International Fair unfurls over a good chunk of Orange, THE TASTE draws the celeb chefs in Bev Hills and beyond, and the Long Beach Greek Festival fills us with feta-flavored joy.

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