Weekend: The Clock

Christian Marclay's epic timekeeper is back, for 24 hours only.

"THE CLOCK": Rare is the film that returns to a city for a third showing and receives just about as much heat and buzz as its first two visits. Christian Marclay's epic, 24-hour film that is, in fact, a giant clock, will be back at LACMA from noon on Saturday, March 24 through Sunday, March 25. Delicious asterisk? ForYourArt will be serving up free donuts across Wilshire to coincide with the clockly haps.

RAILFEST 2012: If you're a train buff living in Southern California, you've doubtless made the drive to Fillmore to ride on the Fillmore & Western line. It's quaint and dang old-timey, and goodness knows they offer a load of special events during the year that involve pumpkins and Santa and such. But this party, which is on March 24 and 25, is just about the trains. Well, and some tri-tip bbq, too. Mmm.

WORLD'S LARGEST BLOOMING PLANT: Sierra Madre is home to the planet's most famous wistaria vine. It's 250 tons, it sports 1.5 million blossoms, and it stretches over a pair of private backyards. But once a year you can see it, for free. That once a year is Sunday, March 25. If you don't want to walk up the foothill to the homes, you can shuttle it for ten bucks.

PASADENA RESTAURANT WEEK: If you end up going to visit the vine, and you drive through Pasadena on your way home, note that the city's annual restaurant extravaganza is kicking off. Meaning? Deals and delicious dishes from Sunday, March 25 through Friday, March 30. You'll probably have quite the appetite after hoofing it up the big hill in Sierra Madre, is all we're sayin' here.

HELLO "IRIS," GOODBYE "OVO": It was just about the time that Cirque du Soleil's "IRIS" was packing up at the Kodak to make way for the Academy Awards that the troupe's "OVO" bounded into Santa Monica. Now reverse that. The Oscars are gone so "IRIS" is back on March 24; "OVO" bids the Pier adieu on Sunday, March 25.

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