Weekend: We ♥ Earth

Like your home? Find a party or a peaceful place to reflect on that affection.

EARTH DAY: Like living here? We all do. There are ways aplenty to fete our home turf. LACMA celebrates on Sunday, April 22 (ride your bike and get in free). People are wearing pajamas at the Long Beach beach clean-up on Saturday, April 21. National Park Week starts on April 21 (free admission at places like Yosemite). LA Live is hosting an Earth Day Fair. Santa Barbara, which has historic ties to the holiday, throws what's considered the biggest party in the state. And, yep, Magnolia Bakery has planet-cute cupcakes.

CALIFORNIA POPPY FESTIVAL: We live in a state rife with natural wonders and mystic coastal vistas. So our state flower has to be pretty darn spectacular. It is, in all of its orange-y awesomeness, and it gets its own two-day bash every spring in Lancaster. The party is at a city park but the wilder poppies are out around Antelope Valley. Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22

SANTA CLARITA COWBOY FESTIVAL: This yippee-ki-yay-er has lots to see -- twangy performers and people who do interesting things with lassos and, yep, the Gold Rush Food Court -- but we really want you to experience the beauty of Melody Ranch. Gene Autry used to own it. It's major. Through Sunday, April 22

BROKECHELLA: Did you make it to Coachella this year? Oh yeah? Who'd you see? Oh wait. You had to postpone, due to being empty of wallet? Pout not. A bunch of bands are playing downtown for five bucks. Yep, Coachella, you have more than arrived when smaller haps happily riff on all of your -chella charms. Saturday, April 21

RECORD STORE DAY: The fact that Brokechella and Record Store Day is quite the coinkidink. We can see people who love tunes and love funky and love vinyl and love finding new finds loving both. Do you have a beloved phonograph store in town? Best visit it on Saturday, April 21.

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