Weekend: WonderCon 2012

The San Francisco-based pop culture fest alights Anaheim.

WonderCon 2012: What do you do when you have one of the world's biggest comics and movies convention -- an event that happens to be a sibling to the all-powerful Comic-Con -- and your usual San Francisco venue closes for refurbishment? Well, in the case of WonderCon, you make for Anaheim over the March 16-18 weekend and you keep the party going. Remember your costumes, warriors and robots.

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2012 Honda LA Marathon: Woowee: Dodger Stadium to Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Running that is such a cinch, right? Well, not quite. We're cheering on the training and the carb loads and all the clapping people who come out to help their runners keep on keepin' on. It's the big'n, and it is on Sunday, March 18 (stay dry, skies).

St. Patrick's Day: Well, all the rain expected for our March 17 will certainly make any clover and shamrocks grow faster. The flip side? It may water down a few green beers. Still, part of the joy of the day is keeping some jig in your step and a gleam in your eye and shindigs in Eagle Rock and at LA Live, the Queen Mary and Farmers Market can help with the gleam.

Incognito 2012: It's one of the most offbeat art fundraisers around. Here's how the Santa Monica Museum of Art bash goes: Buy the art first, find out the artist second. Seems backwards, but that is part of what makes storming the paintings and madly choosing your purchase fun. Each painting is $350, plus tax, and some of the contributing artists are quite legendary. Will you score something major? Saturday, March 17

Women Filmmakers ShortsFest: While we await the opening of our dream theatre -- that venue that only screens shorts -- we'll gladly put an eye toward this to-do. See a handful of not-quite-long films from directors and writers working in a variety of themes. It's on at Dim Mak Studios on Sunday, March 18. (As for our dream shorts theater... Laemmle? New Beverly? American Cinematheque? Can someone make this a reality? Pretty please? All shorts all the time. Thank you.)

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