WeHo Tower To Get Swathed in Jumbo Ad?

The Sunset Strip is no stranger to ginormous billboards, but a new proposal could make all those giant Calvin Klein ads look like postcards, reports the WeHo News. West Hollywood's planning commission granted approval to covering the 9000 Building in a 6,500 square-foot-tall wall ad, in exchange for the first-ever payment for a tall wall to the city treasury—$300,000 in the first 48 months of contract, with $10,000 per month in leases thereafter in perpetuity. Apparently, there's a rule that the city can't collect taxes from tall billboards, but this new proposal would allow the city to make some coin from the ads in addition to building owners. If it goes up, look for Coke or IPod billboards that could be up to three times the size of building ads previously allowed on the Strip. At the meeting where the approval was pushed forward, locals were steamed that the eastside of the 9000 Building—one of the most recognizable towers on the Strip (mainly for its height)—could be obscured by a giant, garish sign—oh yeah, we forgot to mention the sign will be lit up at night. "At Commissioner Donald Deluccio’s request, the lighting would be included in the approval process facing each new iteration of sign erected on the 9000 Building," reports the WeHo News. Another local said an environmental impact report is needed, but city officials disagree, saying no modification is being made to the structure, which is owned by Mani Brothers. A final decision will be made by the City Council. Stay tuned.

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