WeHo’s City-Big Yard Sale

So you need a new hat? New jeans? A new lamps? Done and done and done.

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In the rash of "shop your closet" articles that popped up a few years back sprung this general realization: People kind of like shopping others' closets, too.

Which means that the mega city-wide multi-household yard sale is here to stay. Morro Bay on the Central Coast famously throws an annual yard sale; Santa Clara has one, too, and a host of thrifty-minded California cities.

And our own West Hollywood got into the act last year with a two-day bargain extravaganza. Now that discount-laden weekend is back, on Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15. It's called WehoGrnWknd.

The upshot? Bargains galore.

The city will list your sale on its web site, and where lookie-loos (and buyee-loos, we hope) can find your place. Which means you'll have to register your sale with the city. But you have to anyway, so this isn't a big deal.

West Hollywood is also encouraging neighbors to "combine forces" and host block parties surrounding their individual yard sales. Sounds like a positive to us; if you're into checking out garage or yard sales, aren't you more tempted when there are multiple sales or a festive atmos? Make some complimentary lemonade or sweet tea and hang some balloons and you can bet we will be out browsing your knickknacks, yard-salers.

Keep an eye on the map as it gets updated. Oh, and there'll be an e-waste event going on at the West Hollywood City Hall parking lot during the weekend. It feels good to recycle and move things on, right? Articles backing thrift and reuse, like the "shop your closet" stories, will keep returning because they work.

And, yeah, this is all free. More singles to stash in your pocket, lookie-loos. We mean, uh, buyee-loos.

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