WeHo's Really Big Yard Sale

Find bargains and finds around West Hollywood.

Spring cleaning gets supercharged when an entire city, or at least a lot the people who call that city home, set up the tables and the taggeds items and the stickered finds. And then they start making deals. And when it is in the name of green, and not being wasteful, and passing on the stuff you no longer need to someone who wants it, well.

Well that's when you break out the catchy name. WeHoGrnWknd is indeed a green weekend in West Hollywood, and the May 14 and 15 yard sale hoopla is at the heart of it. The city has kindly published a .pdf with the addresses and dates of those who will be selling, and it is a long 'un. In fact, last we looked, it was about to hit 100 participants.

Not everyone is setting up their yard sale both days, so definitely eye the list before heading out. And there are other green-good events going down, like document shredding and e-waste getting-rid-of. Can you do all three? Visit some sales, have some old docs shredded, and bid goodbye to that old monitor? We certainly suspect you can.

By the by, do you say yard sale, tag sale, sidewalk sale, or garage sale? We've heard it is a regional thing. And "yard sale" certainly seems to be the LA way. So we're good with that.

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