Are you clever with movie titles? Better join in.

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Oh, 25 Things. We promise there will never be a social media meme that we simultaneously like while wanting to poke sweet fun at, gently.

Nothing will take your honored, reveal-too-much place in our hearts. But, on occasion, there's a new flair-up of hashtaggery or reposting or question-asking on that dynamic duo of Facebook and Twitter that catches our eye.

The latest is #OneLetterOffMovies. The friendly pound sign should tell you can toodle by Twitterville to find it, but we've also seen friends dragging it over to their Facebook live feeds.

Wait. Live feeds? News feeds? Okay, we still need to work out that whole new Facebook universe, when we get two seconds, which might happen in 2011.

But #OneLetterOffMovies. The long and (very) short of it: People have to change one letter in a movie title and then post. For example: @DalyDarko posted "48 Pours" while @Brock_Hunter went with "The Good the Bed and the Ugly." And @janiehaddad posted "Twitter," which is a play on "Twister," of course. #bravo

It's become a thing. Maybe not a "25 Things" thing, but a thing. Eye the whole mad meme here. And see if you can't brainstorm up a few yourownself.

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