We'll Be Francophile: We're Loving on the Lorraine

Foodimentary, those fact-finding hounds attracted to all things edible, says it is National Quiche Lorraine Day, and since we'll line up for any National Fill-in-the-Blank Day, if it sounds scrumptious enough, and it isn't hurting anyone, and it is only helping, we're on board.

And that May 20 is all about Quiche Lorraine, that determinedly egg-y, ham-luscious pie that can slide into any meal of the day without anyone raising an eyebrow is even better. Here are three quickie, quiche-y spots to find your flavor-filled wedge.

MAISON RICHARD: It's on Robertson, it's bustling with famished shoppers, it whips up quiche goodness. We'd grab one of the cafe-esque tables, order an iced tea and a deep slice of Lorraine, and smile at the parade of startlets/paparazzi people streaming by.

MONSIEUR MARCEL: Dining under a tree at Farmers Market makes us feel us so Continental; throw in the occasional accordionist and little wicker-like chairs and we're feeling so ooh la la. That Marcel's does a mouth-melt-y QL is the cerise on top.

LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN: The bread gets us in the door. The communal table makes us feel closer to humanity. And the quiche makes us linger. Many locations, many choices. Hello, Gruyere. Bonjour, lovely leeks. We're living la vida Lorraine today for sure.

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