West Coast Barbecue Classic

The Queen Mary hosts a mega grill-off.

MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND: We don't know where the generalizations of what a Mother's Day Weekend meal should be arose from. You know what we're talking about; all the food should be little crustless sandwiches, dainty and whatnot. (Nothing against little crustless sandwiches, of course, and if you happen to making some, please save us an egg and watercress.) The fact is this: Many moms we know, and you know, are world-class barbecue artists. They know how to slather and rub and grill a chop to glistening perfection. So when we saw that the West Coast Barbecue Classic was going to land at the Queen Mary on the Saturday before Mother's Day, we applauded. It seemed a perfect fit.

AND PERFECTLY TASTY: The Saturday, May 12 square-off -- or tongs-off, if you prefer -- will pit team against team for barbecue glory. And admission ticket is ten bucks and you get one tasting for that; you can purchase extra taste tickets once you get there. Oh, and this is kind of quirky; the Queen Mary is offering a Grillin' & Chillin' stay-over package at its hotel, if you think you'll be too full for the drive home. We like two things here. One? The Queen Mary seems more crustless sandwich in its culinary leanings, so the fact that it is hosting a barbecue fest is pretty cool. And two? This is the first outing for the West Coast Barbecue Classic. So show your support so there's a year two, if q-ing it up is your particular thing.

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