West Hollywood: The Theme Song

Here's your chance to choose the tune that sums up the city best.

West Hollywood

The theme song? It's not just for sitcoms anymore.

Although it never really was. Lots of things and ideas in this world have been hailed via a peppy, three-minute tune, including a number of cities. Yep, we're thinking of "I Love LA," which just might be our official unofficial ditty 'round these parts.

But the city of West Hollywood went looking for an official musical take on what makes WeHo WeHo, and they went wide. The city recently kicked off a contest that asked songwriters to pen their best thoughts on the Sunset Strip, the Avenues, or anything else they love about the area.

Now five finalists have been chosen and you can listen, and watch, and vote, on West Hollywood's Facebook page.The public voting is on now through Monday, July 30.

So, what do the five final songs bring to the table? The titles intrigue: "Meet Me on the West Side" and "(Party) Like an Earthquake" are two. And "Why Don't We Go to WeHo" mentions being placed by a temp agency in a Sunset Strip office building, which tickled us. Let's give the love to the final two entries, too: "Welcome Me Home (West Hollywood)" and "WeHo."

All are catchy and worth a listen. And a vote, too; a thousand dollars cash is the top prize, in addition to some other extras. The second and third cash prizes are commendable, too.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the rules of the contest? "West Hollywood" had to be mentioned somewhere in the song. There you go.

How would you write a song about your neighborhood or city? Would you make a duet? A love ballad? A metal head-banger? And if you were to write a tune for West Hollywood, what would you name-check? We'd have to give a shout-out to the spinning neon dog on Santa Monica Boulevard, personally, next to the Collar & Leash. Love that pup. Hope it stays on the boulevard always.

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