What We Now Know, 2010 Edition

The interesting tidbits 2009 gifted us.

Our brains are tired. We thought it might be the post-holidays sugar glut, but it turns out that we just have more in our brains is all.

An att.net list of 50 things we didn't know at this time last year but now do is currently zinging around Onlinedom (thank you @Alyssa_Milano, @jeanlucr and @dudeman718). And it is impressive.

Who knew the human body emitted a glow we can't quite detect with the eye? Or that a fine face is more important in nabbing a partner than a cut body?

And thank you, watermelon. Turns out you're very, very hydrating. Guess "water" is in your very name. Huh.

And numbers 26 and 27 had just the right sprinkle of provocativeness to keep us reading. How much skin should we show to attract a mate, anyway? Now we know.

If you like science, and marvels, and you're looking for a bit of good-for-you brain candy, check out the whole round-up.

Post Script. Can this 50 Things list herald a return to list-making in Social Network Land? It's been just about a year since "25 Things" fever. We've been waiting.

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