What You're Doing This Weekend: July 3rd-5th

DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE: Here's the line-up for the Sunday, July 5th Hollywood Bowl concert. We're just putting it out there, flatly and straightforwardly, because, well, it speaks for itself, etc.: Death Cab (backed by the LA Phil), Tegan and Sara, The New Pornographers. Good show, no? That "no" isn't even necessary. 7PM

ANIME EXPO: Four days, tons of anime-related all-out bigness and happy strangeness and toys and films and books and costumes. While we like the music video contest, the masquerade is where it is at. You've seen a masquerade at a con, we hope? The imaginative outfits and sketches fill us with bliss. July 2-5, Los Angeles Convention Center

FIFTH ANNUAL HOLLYWOOD LAFF FESTIVAL: A favorite: "laugh" spelled "laff" (we know we're not alone in this). Another favorite: Picnicking through a late Sunday afternoon while guffawing and chortling and holding-together-of-sides at comedic goings-on up on stage. The stage is the Ford Amphitheatre, the Sunday afternoon is July 5th. Fun starts at 4PM

PIGNIC: We just saw quaint Animal Acres on Huell Howser -- perhaps you did as well -- and we're delighted to see that the animal haven is hosting its annual Pignic on July 4th. You like snouty, snorty beasties and things that cluck? There will be humans (you) feeding animals, in addition to games and other activities. Yay!

FOURTH OF JULY: We've got picks -- including monster trucks and barbecue -- here. To eye tons -- okay, dozens, but it seems like tons -- and dozens of July 4th go-outs, please do so now.

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