What You're Doing Tonight: April 8th

BUSTER KEATON IN "THE GENERAL": We're not know-it-alls about one of the greatest comic actors of all time, but we're know-it-mostlys (which is the totally more annoying thing to be), and we know a really exciting masterpiece when we see it. "The General" is that film. We saw it a few years back at that precious Fairfax landmark, the Silent Movie Theatre, and now it is running again, and we're telling everyone we know to go. Here's why: a thrilling chase by train, wild, careening antics executed upon a moving hulk of steel, and the sweetest, quickest kiss ever put to celluloid. We love this movie, we're crazy for that crazy clown, and we marvel that something made over 80 years ago fizzes and pops and grabs our hearts so. Go. Go go go. Wednesday, April 8, 8PM. $10. Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-655-2510

ALSO ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8: Country hunk Billy Currington is at House of Blues Sunset Strip; and the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival bows at the Stella Adler.

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