What You're Doing Tonight: Feb. 13

THERE MUST BE AN ANGEL: Oh, the Eurythmics. While some might say some '80s hits have not weathered well -- we're not among those some, because '80s tunes kick it to the max -- a listen to the band fronted by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart sounds as contemporary and forward-reaching as it did a quarter century ago. We're mad for that lady. Fun fact: "House" star Hugh Laurie is in her 1992 video "Walking on Broken Glass" --- really. Google that baby. Friday, February 13, 8PM. 800 W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles. 213-765-6800

PLUS, A FULL-ON COMEDY ONSLAUGHT: From the two different "Daily Show" commentators doing two different things in different theaters on the same night files: Mop-toppy, oh-so-dry Demetri Martin just had a new show debut on Comedy Central -- "Important Things with Demetri Martin" -- and he's gabbing at The Music Box at The Fonda on Friday, February 13. Not faraway, Lewis Black has a few beefs (we're betting), and we're betting he'll be airing them at the Wilshire Theatre. Also Friday, February 13. Where's Samantha Bee? We want Samantha Bee! Please come to LA. Please.

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