What You're Doing Tonight: Feb. 27

OZOMATLI: All during Mardi Gras we were thinking about music and New Orleans, and how we adore hearing a certain tune played brassily and associating it immediately with the Big Easy. We feel the same way about Ozomatli and Los Angeles. So many outfits come up through the local ranks without bringing that local vibe along for the ride, but it feels like this big, fusion-y, funky, rhythm-filled band brought LA the whole way with them. Do you hear our city, too? We guess yes. Friday, February 27 and Saturday, February 28.  House of Blues, 1530 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim. 714-778-2583

LOCALI GRAND OPENING: It's been up and at 'em for a few weeks now, but the official grand opening of this new kind of market  takes place on Friday, February 27 from 5-8PM. Expect plenty of get-to-know-us nibbles from places like Dee's Vegan Bakery and other unique biteries. In a (preferably organic) nutshell, Locali puts an emphasis on gathering the freshest, the healthiest, and the very best of local purveyors, bakers, sandwich artists, brewers and vintners. We're entranced by the mere thought of something sold at the store described as "ginger tonic slushie treats"; who knew four words in a row could send us into a state of beverage-based bliss? 5825 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-466-1360

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