What You're Doing Tonight: Feb. 17

MIRANDA LEE RICHARDS: She looks like she might have walked straight out of the Summer of Love -- and it doesn't hurt that she hails from San Francisco -- but Miranda Lee Richards creates a chamber-pop type of folk that has a touch of shoe-gazer introspection to it. In other words, it shares more with the aughts than the 1960s. But that elements of the 1960s are in her voice are unmistakable; her dad, famous comic book artist Ted Richards, created the shaggy-cool "40-Year-Old Hippie" strip. The fangirl in us is agog. So we heartily embrace that dash 'o 1960s in the singer's music; her pretty songs make us feel as if we're stretched out on a blanket at Golden Gate Park, staring at the clouds drifting through the sky... Tuesday, February 17, 8:30PM. $10/door. Spaceland, 1717 Silverlake Boulevard, Los Angeles. 323-661-4380

PLUS: If you missed news superstar Anderson Cooper in Thousand Oaks or Redondo Beach these past few days, he's in Pasadena on Tuesday, February 17. And famous opera singer Cecilia Bartoli makes one of her few SoCal stops on her current tour, also on Tuesday, February 17.

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