6/16: Bobcat Goldthwait, Lauren Conrad, Bat For Lashes

BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT AND "SHAKES": 1992's "Shakes the Clown" is one of those madcap, slightly malevolent movies that unites people, a secret favorite that has only grown in cult status. The comic, one of our favorite players in "Scrooged" and a bunch of other things, too, is stopping by Silent Movie Theatre to present the film. 8PM

LAUREN CONRAD SIGNS: You can sit around at home, sipping cocktails, debating whether "LA Candy," the debut novel from reality star Lauren Conrad, contains characters based on real people on "The Hills" and in her life. Or you can go to Barnes & Noble at The Grove and see Ms. Conrad in person. 7PM

BAT FOR LASHES: Concert's sold out, but if you're going, you know British wunderkind Natasha Khan is doing some beautifully trippy work. Mind journeys, enigmatic tale telling and clever experimentation. If you can get to Glastonbury in a few weeks, she'll be there. El Rey Theatre, 8PM

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