What You’re Doing Tonight: March 23rd

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PJ HARVEY: Once you're making headlines and people are paying attention to your every mood, creation, thought, we firmly believe you can do what you like and reveal what you will. But when someone in the spotlight remains enigmatic, even after years of making art, we remain duly intrigued. Such is the case with Ms. Polly Jean Harvey, who, though not yet even 40, has been a person every female singer-songwriter -- scratch that, make that pretty much every singer-songwriter -- has looked to for inspiration and direction over the last decade and a half. Not that being just enigmatic gets you much of anywhere, but Harvey backs it up with some real soul-wrenchers, some beautiful ballads, some intrigue as to what's next. Monday, March 23. El Rey, 5515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles.

ALSO ON MONDAY, MARCH 23: Young chanteuse (and contributor to the "High School Musical 2" album) Nikki Yanofsky is at the Catalina Jazz Club; and classic film Das Boot screens at the New Beverly Cinema.

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