What You're Doing Tonight: March 24th

WHERE'S THE BEEF? Joe Sedelmaier wasn't the first director to realize that the little :30 spots between television show acts could be tiny, lickety-split movies, but he definitely was the man who ran with the idea. From the Wendy's "Where's the beef?" ads (starring that spunky Clara Peller) to the fast-talking guy who put FedEx on the delivery map, Sedelmaier injected humor and irreverance and catch-phrase-i-ness into television advertising in a big way, and his influence can still be seen in every wisecrack-y, talking animal-filled Super Bowl ad today. The director is appearing at the Silent Movie Theatre along with some of his best-known spots; bet you'll probably know them all. Bet you'll know most of the plots and dialogue. Bet you can probably act 'em out, "Rocky Horror" like. Joe Sedelmaier: Commercial Genius at Silent Movie Theatre. Tuesday, March 24, 8PM. $14. 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-655-2510

ALSO ON TUESDAY, MARCH 24: Branford Marsalis is at the Catalina Jazz Club through Saturday, March 28; Dr. Drew Pinsky chats at the Skirball Center; and artist Jeffery Vallance (well-known for his project involving a frozen hen and a casket) is at the Hammer Museum.

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