What You're Doing Tonight: Nov. 13

"PASSIONS JUST LIKE MINE": Morrissey, since his storied days leading The Smiths, has almost effortlessly inspired loyalty in those who love his thoughtful lyrics and emotive voice. Kerri Koch has created a valentine to both Moz and his fans around the Latino community in Southern California; now her moving documentary about people moved by a man's music screens at the Vine Theater in Los Feliz. Thursday, November 13, 8PM. $5. 6321 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles. 323-463-6819

RAISE A GLASS TO GHOSTS: So many haunted buildings, only so many 13ths each month. Creepy LA reports that Ghoula -- that's Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles -- is gathering, as they always do on the 13th regardless of month, for drinks in one of our city's most supernatural sites. The November location is the atmospheric Mixville Bar at Edendale Grill, a former firehouse. Thursday, November 13, 8PM. 2838 Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-666-2000

"THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK" AUTHOR: John Updike, one of our greatest man of letters, stops by Royce Hall for a chat about writing, inspiration and his new work, a follow-up to the lively "The Witches of Eastwick" (perhaps Cher or Michelle Pfeiffer will slip quietly into the audience -- one can hope). Thursday, November 13, 8PM. $25-$38. Royce Hall, UCLA Campus, Westwood

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