What's Mulder's Fave Food? And More Questions.

With a double dose of "X-Files" movie action headed to the Regency Fairfax on Saturday, December 6 -- both "Fight the Future" and "I Want to Believe" are screening -- we shouldn't be surprised to see Frank Spotnitz, one of the cult fave's principal writers, twice in the week's headlines.

The first mention is his appearance at the screenings for a Q&A session with the fans; definitely a major event in the X universe. The second, seen this week on Defamer, has him commenting on the hard road to the top of the box office "I Want to Believe" took last summer.

Forget box office. We just want to know more about Mulder. Does Mulder have a favorite kind of dog? Does he like Scully's hair when it's more of a strawberry blonde, or a darker red? And we've got a few lingering questions about the series as well, mostly centered around the alien mythology and Cigarette-Smoking Man. And Eugene Tooms. We won't ever stop thinking about Eugene Tooms. Ever.

The screenings will raise money for the Neurofibromatosis, Inc., and are being hosted by a Gillian Anderson fan site. Definitely applause worthy, and so very nice.

"X-Files: Fight the Future" and "X-Files: I Want to Believe" plus Frank Spotnitz Q&A
Saturday, December 6, 2:30-7:30PM
Regency Fairfax Theatres, 7907 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

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