Wheel Deal: Steve McQueen Car Show

The chrome-gleaming fundraiser rolls for Chino Hills.

THAT EFFORTLESS EASE: We're not sure if anyone can ever truly pull off that ease-filled, no-worry-no-hurry Steve McQueen look, the one he was famous for around 1968 or '69, the era of "Bullitt" and some of the star's other big actioners. You know the look we're talking about: The Persol sunglasses, the kind that can hang off a jacket pocket with style. The hair just so but never much thought about. And those handsome retro turtlenecks, which gave the actor a spy vibe. This is not to say that fans shouldn't go for adopting the look, which is timeless and classic and filled with utter cool; people should do what they like, in fashion, and if your fashion idol is Mr. McQueen, aces. So don that turtleneck (which may be a bit warm, but, you know, sometimes you gotta go the distance) and your old-school sunglasses and turn your vintage wheels for Chino Hills and the annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show.

VROOM-ABILITY: The yearly automobiles and motorcycle spectacular, which puts the emphasis on the dream machines of days gone by, is not just appealing on the lookie-loo side of things (and many a dreamer swings by to ogle dashboards and hood ornaments and the whole kit 'n caboodle). It's also a fundraiser for Boys Republic, a school that supports at-risk youth. The 365 Club of Southern California -- if a picture of Porsches just popped into your head, you're right on the money -- started the fundraiser back in 2008, and it continues to draw car lovers from all quarters. Oh, and fans of a certain actor, too.

SATURDAY, JUNE 6... is the date, the cost to spectate is ten bucks, the film "On Any Sunday" provides the 2015 theme, and the cars on display? Past years have seen a host of shiny Mustangs, Porsches, Corvettes, and other sleek works of art, the kind of works of auto art that just make a driver want to don a turtleneck, some '60s-snazzy sunglasses, and take to the hills of San Francisco. By the by, Mr. McQueen was once at Boys Republic, back in the '40s. So lend the school some support and eye a bunch of cars, too, in the process. No turtlenecks required.

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