When Penguins Tweet

The newest Aquarium residents are out-tech-ing basically everyone.

Aquarium of the Pacific

All SoCal newcomers have to have a plan in place if they want to successfully launch their brands.

If you're an actor, you hire a whipsmart publicist. If you're a movie producer, you tout a big opening. And if you're a penguin? You release a commercial AND a behind-the-scenes commercial (because everyone digs bloopers).

And do you get a Twitter handle going and master Instagram? Shyeah. Of course you do.

The June Keyes Penguin Habitat just debuted at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Thursday, May 17 with a waddle of penguins. Since this is the aquarium's very first penguin exhibit, and since having a waddle of Magellanic Penguins is so cool, the Long Beach institution is thinking big on the get-the-waddle -- or, er, word -- out front.

First up? Avery the Penguin is tweeting. Yeah, Avery makes smiley faces with a beak rather than a mouth. C'mon. That's cute.

Second up? There's Instagraming afoot on the floe.

And third? Here's the commercial and the making-of. Truly, are you a big shot in this town if you don't have a making-of? Well done, 'guins. Well done. (We're going with the hipper 'guins there since the birds are obviously up on their trends and tech.)

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