Whit Stillman to Appear at “Metropolitan” Screening

The revered director makes a rare public appearance


Director Whit Stillman is scheduled to make a rare appearance at Cinefamily's 20th anniversary screening of his 1990 film "Metropolitan" on Sunday.

According to Cinefamily, Stillman and actor Taylor Nichols will be available for a question-and-answer session after the screening.

Stillman is famed for making three beloved films as part of an unofficial yuppie trilogy in the '90s, and then, well, disappearing. One writer went so far as to question whether or not Stillman could still call himself a director (he can).

Stillman told IFC this week that he's never actually joined an official west coast screening.

"'Metropolitan' really played as a hometown film -- one-third of its theatrical gross came out of Manhattan. I've only seen it with audiences in New York and at festivals and premieres -- the worst were those at a Brussels disco with a very noisy and at the Hof festival in Germany where almost everyone walked out," he told IFC.

Just to be clear, the Cinefamily invite does come with one caveat: "schedules permitting." So, get your hopes up, but not too high. We'd hate to see any Stillman fans seriously disappointed if schedules don't permit.

Stillman was nominated for best screenplay written directly for the screen for "Metropolitan" at the 1991 Academy Awards. His other films include "Barcelona" and "The Last Days of Disco."

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