Who's the Sexiest Chef in LA? You Tell Us!

Govind Armstrong was one of Glad's "steamiest," is he one of LA's sexiest?

The Mothership announced a contest to find the sexiest chef in New York, which reminded us that it's high time we find the definitive sexiest chef in Los Angeles. It's no secret that we have us some hot men and women in LA's top kitchens: LA.com had their hot restaurant personalities guides (launched oh so long ago by yours truly), which Citysearch then completely ripped-off; some have national recognition (Govind Armstrong was in Glad's "Steamiest Chef" contest last year), others are purely local (former Valentino chef Giacomo Pettinari comes to mind). There are the obvious (many have divulged their crush on Suzanne Goin to us), and the unsung hidden behind the lines. So we bring it to you: Write in your nominees for the Sexiest Chef in Los Angeles and we'll put it to a vote.

The rules: Anyone in commercial kitchen is elegible---all sous, chef de cuisines, line cooks, pastry chefs, young, old, men, women---and must be in the greater Los Angeles area. Send your noms to la@eater.com and/or drop them in the comments. Photos are welcome. For more stories from Eater LA, go to la.eater.com.

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